DiscountPC Professional Monitor P1914S DisplayPort Grade A

DiscountPC Professional Monitor P1914S DisplayPort Grade A

The Professional grade 19″ P1914S monitor offers many advanced features such as high performance extra sharp display, USB 2.0 port, and DisplayPort and VGA connectors, allowing compatibility with many devices.Certified Refurbished Grade A: Everything we sell is Certified Refurbished Grade A equipment. This means excellent looking products all around, ranging from very light blemishes to a like-new appearance. We are refurbishment experts and we go the extra mile to ensure the highest possible quality and out of box experience for every client.
Five Star Google Reviews: We have outstanding reviews from our clients who appreciate our quality, attention to detail, excellent looking products, unmatched service and support, and very fast shipping. Most of our orders are bulk and we are experts in packing and logistics.
Built For Business and Education: DiscountPCcom markets and sells off-lease business class desktops, laptops, servers, and monitors directly to educational and business clients across North America. We have an incredibly loyal client base who appreciates our quality and attention to detail.

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