Alienware Area-fifty one R5 Review | Redefining Significant-Conclusion Gaming

Alienware Area-fifty one R5 Review | Redefining Significant-Conclusion Gaming

The Alienware Area-fifty one has generally been a placing equipment. With its angled edges, pyramidal style and design, and carefully glowing LED lighting, there’s just practically nothing else like it. The unusual circumstance style and design is usually paired with extravagantly effective components and the Area-fifty one R5 is no exception.

Our assessment unit showcased a liquid-cooled overclocked 18-main Intel Main i9-7980XE processor, two liquid-cooled Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 graphics cards jogging in SLI, 64GB of RAM, and a 1TB M.two SSD with a 2TB mechanical really hard generate backup.

Mainly, the Area-fifty one R5 has all the things pushed to its reasonable excessive — even its price tag. All this components and professional engineering will operate you about $six,709. The Area-fifty one is billed as a gaming desktop, but with price tag like that, and these types of unfettered electrical power humming away within this issue, it is wasted to be employed on gaming by itself. Let us display you what all this issue can do.

A actual eye-catcher

Just seem at this issue. Like we outlined, it’s solely as opposed to everything else on the marketplace. The Area 51’s legendary “triad” style and design has served Alienware well around the several years, and the Area-fifty one R5 options the 2nd-generation edition with a couple interior tweaks and refinements.

In spite of its unusual form, we basically did not have any hassle fitting it below desks, on top rated of desks, or anywhere really.

Externally, the Area-fifty one pretty considerably appears the exact as it generally had — and that is not a negative issue. It’s just kind of polarizing. This is a really big laptop, and its style and design doesn’t lend alone to staying tucked away below a desk, toiling in obscurity. This is a desktop laptop that begs to be viewed, to be displayed, and its dimensions would make it a tiny really hard to come across house for it.

The angles on the circumstance make it a little bit longer than a normal Computer system. In spite of its unusual form, we basically didn’t’ have any hassle fitting it below desks, on top rated of desks, powering screens. It’s significant and significant, but it’s not as significant as it looks. Nevertheless, that extra weight implies you’ll absolutely need a sturdy desk.

For the Alienware Area-fifty one to genuinely be a desktop laptop, you are going to need a pretty substantial desk. Its all round footprint isn’t that considerably even larger than a standard gaming desktop, but it is a little bit distinct. It’s taller, for one, and a tiny thicker.

All the ports, and then some

Because of to its unusual form, you may be asking yourself about the ports. Rest assured, they are all exactly where you’d expect them to be — with a couple handy improvements. 1st, changing the top rated-facet ports on numerous desktops, the Alienware Area-fifty one R5 options four USB ports on the entrance of the chassis. It’s angular style and design basically would make them additional quickly obtainable than normal entrance-dealing with ports when it’s below a desk.

Alienware Area fifty one R5 In comparison To

Otherwise, the external connectivity all over again is about what you’d expect, nine USB ports, not one but two ethernet ports, a USB-C port, and there’s even a handy tiny button that turns on a tiny external gentle, so you can see the ports additional quickly.

Spacious inside

With these types of an unusual exterior style and design, you may expect the inside of the Alienware Area-fifty one to be cramped or uncomfortable, and you’d be wrong. At the time you unscrew the exterior lock on the Area 51’s circumstance, all you need to do open it is pull a pair of switches together the top rated-facet of the circumstance. The panels pop open like car or truck doors.

Devoid of moving a one interior element, you have accessibility to the RAM, the graphics cards, the electrical power provide, and the supporter assemblies.

At the time you clear away the panels, you’ll see what we intended about the inside. It’s lavish. There is a lot of open house, but it’s not wasted! The within of the entrance panel is exactly where you’ll come across an consumption supporter, and two of the admirers related to the liquid cooling models on the graphics cards. The rear panel is hooked up to the liquid cooling block on the CPU.

Cables are neatly zip-tied together in accordance to their objective, electrical power cables are labeled and elegantly strung by way of the circumstance without the need of unwanted slack. Check out as you may, you won’t come across a one tangled cable in listed here — not even on the again-facet of the motherboard, exactly where cables usually go to braid on their own into dense brambly nests. Very little. Just very simple, easy cable management with an eye toward accessibility and long run upgrades.

Devoid of moving a one interior element, you have accessibility to the RAM, the graphics cards, the electrical power provide, and the supporter assemblies. Mainly because of the outstanding cable management listed here, carrying out program upkeep is a breeze. Eradicating components components is practically solely device-free, many thanks to the clip that retains the graphics cards in location. There is even a battery-powered operate gentle that turns on when you open the circumstance, so you can see just about every port, cable, and plug.

These tiny specifics are an critical section of what you get when you spend in a procedure like the Area fifty one. Sure, you could just select up all of its interior components and put it together you, or buy an identically-outfitted Computer system from any other producer. But what you get by going with the Area-fifty one is an unparalleled level of engineering and intuitive interior style and design.

A souped-up daily driver

For each day workloads, jogging Phrase, Excel, even egregiously, insanely intense internet-browsing, the Area-fifty one R5 is a champ. Among its Main i9 processor and 64GB of RAM, an normal office workload isn’t going to anywhere around the restrict of this machine’s abilities.

Just one issue is abundantly very clear our common take a look at suite could not be able to hold up with this equipment.

To give you some context, we threw completely all the things we could think of at the Area-fifty one R5. We opened up four browser windows, with 25 are living tabs jogging a 4K online video in each one, ran Geekbench 4, and a Deus Ex: Mankind Divided benchmark, all at the same time whilst we wrote this assessment. We did not discover even a one moment of slowdown in Phrase, not a hitch, stutter or hiccup.

Even the Area-fifty one R5’s really hard drives are extraordinary. Well, one of them is. Our assessment unit showcased a 1TB M.two SSD — about the dimensions of a adhere of gum — and a standard-sized mechanical generate packing an extra 2TB of storage house.

Obviously the Area-fifty one R5’s SSD isn’t the fastest we have ever viewed, but it’s really fast for its dimensions. Coming in with a go through speed of one,734 megabytes-per-2nd it’s about a 3rd slower than the 2TB M.two generate in the Falcon Northwest Tiki, and the 512GB M.two generate in the Origin Millennium.

The mechanical generate carried out well for a mechanical generate, topping out at a 195 MB/S go through speed and a 193 MB/s compose speed. Nevertheless, moving enormous files all over on the M.two generate was just as fast as you’d expect. The exact M.two generate is readily available in 256GB and 512GB configurations, with the 2TB mechanical generate as backup.

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So, if a common office workload on steroids won’t excursion up the Area fifty one, that begs the concern: What will?

Trying to keep up with an i9

The Alienware Area-fifty one R5 is readily available in configurations with Intel Main i7-7800X, i7-7820X, and i9-7980XE processors. Our assessment unit is the monstrous 18-main i9-7980XE variant. To get an idea for just how effective the components within the Alienware Area-fifty one R5 really is, we gave it a operate by way of Geekbench 4 — and the results are absolutely instructive. Wanting at one main general performance, it’s very clear this overclocked Main i9 is an over normal performer.

It is outperformed by eighth-generation Main i7-8700K processors listed here, but that is to be anticipated, these are six-main processors, so each main is a tiny more rapidly than each main in the Main i9-7980XE, which is an 18-main processor. Multi-main general performance is exactly where the Main i9 really shines. The 18-main processor quickly outruns the inventory Main i7-7700K and even the eighth-generation Main i7-8700K in multi-main general performance.

Just one issue is abundantly very clear, our common take a look at suite could not be able to hold up with this equipment. Wanting at how speedily the Area-fifty one R5 crunched our 4K online video encode, you can see what we imply.

The Area-fifty one R5 just obliterated our take a look at listed here. It crunched the 4K encode so rapidly we had to operate it a couple occasions to make confident we established it up ideal. It concluded the encode in just 123 seconds, or just two minutes, 3 seconds. That is the fastest we have ever viewed — by a major margin.

GPU Effectiveness

Our Alienware Area-fifty one R5 assessment unit is, as we outlined, in essence maxed out. It has one of the most effective processors on the marketplace, 64GB of RAM, and two superior-end graphics cards. It need to be no shock to say that it handles most online games with aplomb.

Wanting at its general performance in 3DMark you can get a great feeling for how well it performs jogging real online games. With its twin GTX 1080 graphics cards, its all round score in both Hearth Strike and Time Spy quickly eclipses the scores we observed out of one-card devices like the Falcon Northwest Tiki and Velocity Micro M60. In comparison to the Origin Millennium, with its twin GTX 1080 TI graphics cards however, the Alienware Area-fifty one R5 slips powering a little bit.

That is not also considerably of a problem, thinking about you can spec the Area-fifty one R5 with twin GTX 1080 Ti graphics cards for identical general performance.

It’s a craze we see listed here in our 1080p general performance, with the Area-fifty one R5 taking a close 2nd to the Origin Millennium and its more rapidly SLI setup. Nevertheless, it’s critical to position out that the general performance hole is tiny in most conditions, and even a one 1080 Ti like the one in the Falcon Northwest Tiki, is additional than able of jogging your online games maxed out at 1080p.

In point, SLI setups are additional than a tiny overkill for 1080p, as you can see from these figures. But, if you have a superior refresh amount monitor, an SLI setup is an uncomplicated way to strike a framerate superior ample to take gain of a 144Hz refresh amount.

Shifting on to 1440p, we can see general performance dip correctly throughout the board. Wanting specifically at the results for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided at Ultra settings, we see some thing fascinating. There is no denying that jogging two graphics cards in SLI or Crossfire method will give you a general performance enhance. And if you are on the lookout for top rated-tier general performance it’s a terrific way to reach it. But on the lookout at these results there’s only a tiny margin between the very best-in-class general performance you see on the Origin Millennium, with its two GTX 1080 Ti graphics cards, and the general performance you see in a one-card equipment like the Tiki or Velocity Micro M60.

The big difference between 70 and 88 FPS is significant on paper but when you are basically taking part in a video game it’s not as apparent as you may think. Nevertheless, it’s suitable to position out listed here that all of these devices carried out precisely as we’d expect specified the strength of their components.

Our 4K figures listed here make one issue abundantly very clear: 4K is continue to really really hard on gaming components. A well-optimized video game like Battlefield one will give you the very best results, with framerates in extra of 100 FPS if you are jogging an SLI setup. But remarkably-in depth, natural environment-dense online games like Deus Ex: Mankind Divided will give you a little bit additional hassle. You are continue to going to strike great framerates like 45 FPS with all the settings maxed out, but barely. For most online games sixty FPS is ideal, 30 is playable, and everything much less is well, everything but.

In VRMark, the Area-fifty one R5’s effective components pushed it to the top rated of the pile. You need to have no hassle at all jogging the most demanding VR online games on this equipment, but these benchmark scores illustrate that whilst the R5 is effective, VR is continue to really graphically intense and doesn’t generally make the very best use of SLI setups.

It’s as placing as it is practical, and it would serve you well no matter what components you pack within. 

The Area-fifty one strike a score of 9,534 in the entry-level Orange Room benchmark, which is a tiny decrease than what we observed out of the Falcon Northwest Tiki — it strike 13,276 on the exact benchmark. There is a rationale for that. Whilst the Alienware Area-fifty one R5 is a considerably additional effective laptop all round, VR and these VR benchmarks really do not generally use a twin graphics card rig as well as they could. That implies you may see superior general performance out of a procedure jogging a one 1080 Ti than you would out of a procedure with two standard 1080 graphics cards.

Of system you could generally spec up to a twin 1080 Ti edition of the Alienware Area-fifty one R5 to resolve that problem. Nevertheless, it’s some thing to hold an eye on if you plan on obtaining one of these PCs to operate VR demos. Spring for the 1080 Ti as a substitute.

Revamped, refreshed command middle

Proprietary program isn’t generally all that noteworthy, but the new Alienware Command Middle is absolutely an exception. The program unifies the Area 51’s lighting, supporter command, and even its overclock settings. Putting all the things below one roof would make it uncomplicated to control the Area 51’s various options, and the interface lays all the things out in a way that would make feeling.

Even if you have under no circumstances employed Alienware’s proprietary program right before, you need to be able to come across everything you need just opening the new command middle. Adjust the lighting on the circumstance, change the factory overlock on or off, or even change your electrical power saver settings, all in one location.

Our Choose

Judging a desktop like the Alienware Area-fifty one R5 is tricky, but there are a couple most important details to think about. 1st, the style and design and interior layout. These factors are going to be the exact no matter what components you select for it. No matter if you down-spec the Area-fifty one to a additional economical $one,900, or crank it all the way up past $eight,000, the circumstance, the layout these are the constants you need to seem at — and in the Area-fifty one R5’s circumstance, these two factors are environment-class.

Whilst the style and design could be atypical, it’s exceptionally thoughtful and intuitive and completely stands the take a look at of time. When it will come to components, our assessment unit is kitted out with the very best of the very best and it demonstrates. Let us break it down.

Is there a superior substitute?

If you are in the marketplace for a gaming desktop with a style and design that is going to weather the ravages of time, the Alienware Area-fifty one R5 is really hard to conquer. It’s designed like a tank but options a one of a kind and uniquely intuitive style and design. Taking out the graphics cards can be finished without the need of a one device, exact with the RAM. All the things is laid out precisely exactly where it need to be, and no one element obscures a different. In comparison to a common boxy desktop circumstance, carrying out common upkeep or taking away components from the Area-fifty one R5 is an complete breeze — no matter how considerably you put in on it.

That is an critical position for the reason that it’s a significant section of what would make the Alienware Area-fifty one R5 stand out in a crowded discipline. Nevertheless, you could pack this components into just about any other main manufacturer’s gaming desktop — the Origin Neuron will come close, so does the Falcon Northwest Tiki.

The effective processor, maxed out RAM, and twin graphics cards make for a really effective equipment, but it’s general performance you can get elsewhere for about the exact price tag. If you spend about $six,seven-hundred at other suppliers you are going to end up with really identical components.

The specific sauce listed here is the the expertly engineered circumstance and interior layout. In that regard, there really isn’t a superior substitute if you really do not thoughts the Area 51’s dimensions.

How extended will it final?

The development of the Alienware Area-fifty one R5 is exceptionally sturdy. You are going to discover that when you to start with pull it out of its shipping and delivery box. Its dimensions and weight inspire self confidence that this desktop will take regardless of what you can toss at it. Mainly because of its interior style and design and the relieve with which you can conduct program upkeep, you may come across you undertaking it additional generally which could completely lengthen the lifespan of the components within.

If you went all-in and picked up an Area-fifty one R5 with specs identical to our assessment unit, it’s protected to say you are going to be in great fingers for at the very least four to five several years — possibly longer. Our assessment unit’s components was exceptionally effective and completely has the general performance headroom to stand up to progressively demanding program — and online games.

The Area-fifty one R5 options a common one-calendar year warranty, but you can buy additional guidance from Dell, up to five several years if you really do not thoughts shelling out a different $813. The common warranty isn’t negative, it’s what we’d expect from most suppliers. But it’s a far cry from what you get from Falcon Northwest with its over-and-further than right away service and 3-calendar year warranty.

Need to you buy it?

Indeed. If you are in the marketplace for a desktop Computer system, and you need some thing with exceptionally effective components and a one of a kind inside and exterior style and design, then you need to completely buy the Alienware Area-fifty one R5.

Even if you scale down the components to a configuration a tiny additional affordable for some mid-array gaming, the Area-fifty one R5 is a terrific preference. The style and design is absolutely a tiny out there, but it grows on you, and it under no circumstances feels like Alienware sacrificed function for sort. The circumstance is as placing as it is practical, and it would serve you well no matter what components you pack within.


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