Compro IP70 H.264 Megapixel Day & Night Network Camera + Wireless N Adapter Bundle (Powered By Seedonk with iPhone/Android App)

Compro IP70 H.264 Megapixel Day & Night Network Camera + Wireless N Adapter Bundle (Powered By Seedonk with iPhone/Android App)

The IP70, powered by Seedonk, combines best-in-class video performance and effortless installation to provide the ideal monitoring solution for any home or small business.

The IP70 is superior to other network cameras in the following ways:

1. No Geeks Required – Easy setup with Smart Configurator and “Zero-Router Configuration” technology. Anyone who knows how to connect their computer to a wireless network can easily set up IP70 in minutes.

2. Safe and Secure – What most network camera makers don’t tell you is that anyone can access your camera from the internet! Our competitors make you open ports and place your camera outside your home firewall so that it’s publicly available 24/7 to any hacker in the world! With Seedonk’s smartConnectTM technology, IP70 is much, much more secure. It sits protected behind your home firewall (like the rest of your computers) only for you to access. Furthermore, IP70 provides multiple layers of authentication and encryption that is based on industry standards (such as those used in online banking); we take your security and privacy seriously.

3. Best Mobile Experience – Free iPhone and Android app offer optimized video performance from anywhere over Edge, 3G, or WiFi.

4. Night Vision – With built-in infrared lights, IP70 allows you to see in complete darkness.

5. Superior Image Quality – With 1.3 Megapixel sensor and H.264 advance video compression, IP70 let’s you see more detail and clarity while using less bandwidth.

6. Share the Love – Easily share IP70 with loved ones through the Seedonk Facebook App. All your friends need is a browser and a Facebook account to view your camera.

7. View from Any Computer – View streaming video from your IP70 on any Adobe Flash enabled web browser.

8. Go Wireless – Bundled 802.11b/g/n USB wireless adaptor gives you the freedom to cut the cord and place your camera anywhere within your wireless network.Easily view & manage your camera from anywhere with Seedonk Apps
Best-In-Class Image Quality with Advance H.264 Video Codec (Not MJPEG)
Super Easy Setup with our No Router Configuration Guarantee. It simply works!
Best Mobile Viewing Experience with Free Seedonk iPhone and Android Apps
Safe and Secure – Seedonk’s smartConnectTM Technology never exposes your camera to the public internet. (Unlike all other network cameras)

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